USWNT Game Coverage

It’s easy as sports fans to demand certain things from our teams… especially coverage of games. Unfortunately, as women’s soccer fans we can’t always get what we want. I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy harassing the USWNT (US Women’s National Team) media team via Twitter to stream domestic games online when they aren’t on television. But I also understand that this isn’t an easy thing to do. Recently, I’ve seen Twitter campaigns for the Algarve Cup to be streamed by US Soccer. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it would be to stream a game in Texas or Arizona.

There are several setbacks that will make this unlikely. First, the internet configuration is vastly different in Portugal and would take a lot of altering for a US stream in Europe. Second, licensing rights for coverage of Portugal’s Algarve Cup are tough to come by. International licensing is even trickier. Finally, the cost of an international stream with internet configuration, coverage rights, and equipment costs would be through the roof. A direct Twitter message from US Soccer confirmed these difficulties. In the end, it seems apparent that online streaming is unlikely.

The point of this post however isn’t to figure out why US Soccer won’t stream the game online. The point is to spark a discussion about how we can get networks to cover USWNT games. Fox Soccer, ESPN, and NBC Sports have all shown interest in international play. It seems silly that when USWNT games are selling out stadiums and sparking world wide trending topics on Twitter that we can’t watch tournament games. ESPNW has provided a great deal of coverage on the women’s game this year… so how can we get them to put games on TV… or at least stream them through ESPN3? I will admit I don’t know the first thing about network broadcasting and the politics that go along with it but there has to be something we can do.

What do you think?