Two Touch Pass’ Soccer Supporter Groups Directory

As I mentioned in my “The Necessity for Soccer Supporter Groups” post, I emphasize the importance of women’s soccer supporter groups in helping grow the game. I also call attention to fan’s accessibility, or lack of, to these supporter groups. After all, soccer supporter groups should be one of the instrumental tools helping soccer organizations and fans to connect with each other and to sustain the game in the United States.

The Two Touch Pass intends to be a vital resource for its readers — women’s soccer organizations, fans, and non-profit soccer-related organizations. We are pleased to announce a project “Soccer Supporter Groups.” There is no existing online database of women’s soccer supporter groups and contact information. The Two Touch Pass blog will have a central directory of soccer supporter groups for fans to access. We encourage readers, including soccer clubs, to help with this endeavor and submit any information on women’s soccer supporter’s groups and contact information to us. Please note that the database is not limited to professional and amateur soccer teams; we also want to encourage submission of existing supporter groups for indoor women’s soccer teams as well as collegiate women’s soccer teams. Please submit information here.