Can we really replace Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS)?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the W-League and the WPLS taking the place of the WPS in the United States. Some are even saying that the WPLS Elite League will be hard for teams to leave if the WPS returns. While I am supportive of the Elite League (and recognize it is growing and just in early stages), and thankful that both leagues have provided our players with a place to play the game they love, I’m hesitant to think that these leagues stand any chance in providing the opportunities that the WPS can. Have you noticed how many players have decided to go overseas instead? The pay isn’t substantial, the benefits are mediocre at best, and the level of play is mid-tier. While I am thrilled we have a place for players to develop, these leagues are unlikely to attract the international stars that the WPS could. In addition, following the Olympics we will have 2 years of no WWC/Olympics, which is a great time for international players to get experience in league play. Now I think we all recognize that the WPS has been nowhere near perfect… but I think we should be hoping the league returns in 2013. Otherwise, I’m afraid we will continue to see our stars head overseas.

Thoughts? Agree or disagree? Let’s hear it folks!