Two Touch Tom?


Last week we heard the news that Australian Women’s National Team coach Tom Sermanni will be taking over as the head coach of the US Women’s National Team. The news was received with both positive and negative reactions from fans. While it’s always nice to pick a fight on Twitter, there were several points that I found reasonable… even though I didn’t agree with them. I am a big fan of Tom, and think he has done a lot with little in Australia. He has shown his long-term commitment to the women’s game and shows that he is not afraid to use young talent. Although the USWNT gave Australia a bit of a whipping in Denver earlier this fall, the Australian team was young and inexperienced. As Julie Foudy joked, he has done a lot with a team of 12-year-olds. I am looking forward to seeing the new mix of young faces we see in Tom’s camps and how he does mixing the young and not-so-young talent. I am also excited that he will be based on LA and has already discussed hiring American coaches. Additionally, he is committed to developing female coaches as well. And the best… he said it all in his fantastic Scottish accent. As one of my former graduate school professors once said… everything sounds better in a Scottish accent.

Because I would way rather spend my time reading your thoughts and opinions on the new hire than actually do work, I would love to hear what you think. Here are some of my pros and cons:

Why we love the hire:
1. Youth Development
2. Kind spirit mixed with a tough attitude
3. international experience
4. Player’s respect
5. Sweet mustache

What we don’t love:
1. Dude status
2. Scottish rather than American (but seriously that accent is brilliant!)
3. Australia hasn’t gotten past the quarterfinals in a WWC under Tom

What do you think?