Question of the Week – If you were going to persuade someone that soccer is fun, exciting, etc…


If you were going to try to persuade someone that women’s soccer was fun, exciting, etc, how would you convince them? Share your favorite soccer story, soccer moment, etc. below! From An: When… Continue reading

Breaking Through the Ceiling


A discussion over the past couple of days on Twitter between two of those I follow caught my eye. One of them (a women’s soccer fan in all parts) was asking the other… Continue reading

USWNT Game Coverage


It’s easy as sports fans to demand certain things from our teams… especially coverage of games. Unfortunately, as women’s soccer fans we can’t always get what we want. I’ll be the first to… Continue reading

Question of the Week: The women’s game would be more attractive to watch if they made the field smaller. True or false?


One of our favorite players on Twitter, Joanna Lohman asked a great question earlier this week and we wanted to throw it out there for a discussion. Here’s her question: Here’s some thoughts… Continue reading

From the Blacktop to the Ivies?


The past two or three weeks have seen a mushrooming of discussion of women’s soccer in the United States, starting with the decision by Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) to forego playing in 2012… Continue reading

What is Two Touch Pass?


Welcome to Two Touch Pass! We’re big fans of the women’s game and we’ve been inspired by #WPSChat and Soccer Support USA (#GrowTheGame) to provide an ongoing space for continuing the conversation about… Continue reading

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